Boys' Dorm

$25,000.00 of $30,000.00

Girls' Dorms

$27,000.00 of $30,000.00


$10,000.00 of $12,000.00

Laundry Area

$7,000.00 of $7,000.00


$0.00 of $60,000.00

Multipurpose Room

$7,000.00 of $7,000.00


$2,500.00 of $2,500.00

Front Office

$4,000.00 of $4,000.00


$3,195.00 of $6,000.00

Build Hope House


Phases in Progress

The New Hope House will be built in phases based on our most immediate needs.

Girls Dorm

The dorm will be home for 50 girls. Each room will hold 10 girls and the 6th room will house the dorm parents. Toilets and showers will be located at the rear of the building. Cost: $30,000.00

Boys Dorm

The dorm will be home for 50 boys. Each room will hold 10 boys and the 6th room will house the dorm parents. Toilets and showers will be located at the rear of the building. Cost: $30,000.00


This is a place for the lunch room for the Hope House kids and a common large meeting area. We need to construct a steel and concrete pavilion (like the pictured structure, but not built of wood, due to termites, and larger for 77 kids) where the children will eat their meals and hold large group meetings. The dimensions are: 8 meters X 20 meters. Cost: $12,000.00


Hope and a Future Learning center is a non formal learning center focused on educating the special needs of our Hope House Children. This school has been ongoing for the past 6 years. The school will need to have 12 classrooms for grades 1-12th plus English classrooms. Hope House has its own Christian learning center. The children are taught in the Thai and English languages. The Thai system normally goes through the 9th grade with an option of the 10,11, 12th grades for those who want to attend university. It is our goal to not only provide the first 9 years of education, but to develop the pre-university program with a vocational minor with which the children will be able to learn auto mechanics, building, sewing, baking, and small business practices along with the necessary academics to prepare them for university courses. Cost: $60,000.00


Multipurpose Room
Changing room

Multipurpose room: a room that can be used for large groups for special classes, vocational training and meetings. Cost: $7,000.00

Swimming Pool
Swimming pool

The swimming pool was built 12 years ago. And has been empty for the last several years. We have discovered there are 10 cracks running from top to bottom of the pool. These need repairing, and the filter system needs to be replaced. Cost: $2,500.00

Front Office
Front office

Tile floor in foyer front and offices / resurface old floor in the rear section and make a stone retaining box in front of the old building. The restoration of the big building is almost complete. Only the floor and a stone planter box built along the front needs to be finished. Cost: $4,000.00

Laundry Area

A place to wash, hang and dry uniforms, towels, sheets and play clothes. The laundry area is a very important area of the campus. Every day the laundry operates like a factory washing uniforms, towels, sheets, etc. for 77 children. After washing, they are dried in the sun and put away in the closet, ready for the children to pick up their clean items. The laundry area will also provide a room and toilet for a houseparent. Cost: $7,000.00


A team from the US came in February with funds to build the kitchen. After 14 days, they had finished the kitchen! The kitchen will feed 77 kids 3 meals a day, 7 days a week!

Athletic Field
Athletic field

This was a pond that captured the run off after rains. Leaving it as a pond was dangerous for the children. After consultation, it was recommended that we grade the bottom of the field, so it slopes toward one corner. The corner was lowered and filled with crushed stone and a sump pump to pump out the water as it accumulates.

Help Build Hope House!

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Hope House is moving! Watch the video to learn more about our move and how you can help. #buildhh

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Hope House is Moving

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Projects For Asia's Hope House Children's Home is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a rescue home for 75 needy children from 5 different Hill Tribe groups located in the mountains of Thailand. The home takes care of boys and girls from 5-20 years old.

Hope House was star...

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